LG 'Life isn't that good right now!


With economic-downturn on everyone's minds, LG's director of marketing plans on downplaying the company's ubiquitous "Life's Good" slogan. Time for Lucky GoldStar to make a comeback? Nothing says "recession proof" like a quasi off-brand cereal name.

Its latest ads focus instead on products that make life easier. Marketing director Andrew Warner said the drive would dramatise 'insights that people can relate to' because 'life actually isn't that good right now'.The activity is intended to prompt 18- to 35-year-olds to 'reappraise' the brand.

Products such as the Renoir eight-megapixel camera phone are part of a wider focus on 'categories of products', which also include TVs and steam washing machines. The campaign features a 3-D logo, print ads, online blogging activity and a radio sketch series featuring comic duo Adam & Joe.

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